One of the most popular boat tours of the area; 12 islands boat tour will take you to the islands found in the area and spend an avarage of 45 minutes in each of the islands thus giving you the opportunity of swimming in the sea and sunbathing in various places. Some of the islands are Yassıcaadası,Tershane adası,Cennetkoyu,Kleopatraadası, and Kızılada.

Get ready for a lazy day..….

The best thing about Ölüdeniz Boat Tour is that you have nothing to do except sunbathing and swimming in the cool sea water all day long. Our boat tour includes Kelebekler Vadisi, St Nicholas Island(you can wander on foot within historical remains of the island), Mavi Mağara, Soğuk Sular Koyu, Akvaryum Koyu, and Deve Plajı. Get ready to spend 45 minutes in each and every island enjoying the blue waters.

The tandem leap of yours with an experienced pilot from 1975 meter high Babadağ; through the wonderfull vista of Ölüdeniz will be completed after a 30-40 minutes of flight on the white sands of Belcekız Beach with a soft landing. You can reach the tarmac from which you will take off by a 45 minutes jeep trip from your hotel. After wearing your parachute; all you have to do is to run couple of steps with your pilot and let yourself soar on blue sky. Now relax and frame the freedom on sky. Adrenaline and blue freedom. You can experience it too.… .

The tour starts by the boat taking off Ölüdeniz. You watch the sunset sipping your drink and later on arrive at Deve Beach. A camp fire with your group is lit and all the stress of a full year within you is let into the blue waters in an amazing musical fun.…..

 Tour starts when jeeps arrive to the specified place.

Tlos: The city has an approximate history of 4000 years and bears the  traces of 4 different empires. The cite has many stone graves, a church, a  roman bath, an antique theatre and a castle remaing from Ottomans. The city hosted Lycians, Romans, Byzanthians, and Ottomans.

Yakaköy: Yakaköy is famous with the abundance of its cold water  sources as well as its salmon farms. The snows that melt from Akdag first flow  underground then come off to the ground naturally.  Yakaköy with its heavenly vista opens  its arms for its visitors with worth seeing salmon farms in the appearance of a  natural park.

Rafting: The ringo rafting organized since 1994 on the river of Karacay  within the Saklikent and it is optional. The visitors who want to attend this  organisation, can arrange a reservation by talking with their guides.  The rafting tour is done at the company of  professional guides; on a 5km racetrack that lasts 30-35 minutes in an  incredible natural environment by people who are 5 to 70 years old age.

Mud Bath: The mud with its high mineral consistance is piled along the  river by the rains. At the beginning of each season our company works a natural  pool at the side of the river. The mud flows to this pool. Absolutely natural  and inodorous mud is applied to the body and after 10-15 minutes of drying is  washed up. During the wash, the mud takes dead skin cells too. Mud bath  certainly has no side effects and at the same time it is so much fun.


After a short bus trip at the morning, tour starts from Dalyan town’s port  by a boat voyage. On the route to the Kaplumbağa beach, among the beautiful  view of the ancient Lycian remains you will find the opportunity of a boat  voyage in one of the greatest deltas found in Turkey.

During your sunbath and swimming on Kaplumbağa beach you will at the same  time witness the crossing of salty and sweet water. The beach is the second  greatest ovulation beach of sea turtles at the same time. (Including David  Belami) by the urging of international and national authorities the area is  under protection and the large numbers of visitors are not permitted.

The life under the sea has a colorful variety consisting of fishes,  octopuses, crustaceans, dolphins, corals and many more miscellaneous types of  miscellaneous organisms. You can attend the daily or weekly diving tours  organised by diving agencies in Fethiye to gain experience and you can also  attend coursed of professional divers and get your own certificate. Anyone who  has good health can easily try this sport together with a diver guide, and  after your first trial it will turn into an indispensable passion for you.
Trekking is the best way of spending your  vacation which is recommended for people who want to explore the rich flora of  Fethiye. The pathways that connected Lycia cities to one another in ancient  times is called as “Lycia Road”.  “Lycia  Walking Road” starts in Ovacik village at the skirts of Babadag mountain. All  you need for this activity is simple walking equipment.
You can find the necessary information on the  direction boards which you will encounter at everyb 100 meters during your  walk. You can explore little mountain villages with their warm and friendly  people and witness their half-nomad life style on road. The walk between  Fethiye and Kaş can even continue to Antalya and this walk constitutes the first part of  Lycia Road. The ancient cities of Faralya (Uzunyurt) village, Dodurga, Pınara –  Letoon – Xanthos and Patara are among the stops of this part. The second part  at the direction of Fethiye, Marmaris, gives an opportunity to visit the  famous Kaplumbağa beach of Dalyan. The walk you will have in the amazing  natural environment of the Lycia road, will embelish your life.

Wind-surf, water-ski, jet-ski, parasail, ringo, banana and others. The sports exitement on one hand and fun on the other. You have all the water sports you could imagine on the Fethiye shores.


After a short course on Eşen stream, it is not hard to row in the direction of the flow at all. This joyful voyage in which you will encounter interesting views under the shadows of eucalyptus trees ends at Patara beach which is 18 km long.


You will taste an exotic exitement by riding a horse around the Kaya village. The pleasant  trip at the back of a horse; starts from Ovacik and by the pathways within the forests will take you to the Kaya village.
Fethiye is a unique vacation region; where the majestic Toros mountains of Anatolia falls in love with the Mediterrenean and spills abundance to its skirts; where blue turns into green, butterfly into coral, music into dance, and nomad into fisher; where throughout the history the cultures that rise by the enthusiastic rythm of the light and the water lived in peace and harmony.

You can benefit from public and local administration as well as from the services of civil organizations for a cheerful vacation in Fethiye.
It is  more of a transportation service than a tour that starts at 07:45 in the morning from our hotel and takes you to the port for your 90 minutes of hyrophilic voyage. At 10 o’clock in the morning you are set free at Rodos till 6 o’clock and in the evening you are taken back to our hotel again.
If you haven’t tried it yet, it is an unmissable opportunity for you to get away from the pace and excitement of the place thus getting you more closer to nature. You will visit the historical remains of Kaya village during your atv drive and arrive at Gemiler Koyu. Tutors will help you about anything.